CX Air

CXAIR is a tool that brings self-service business intelligence to the masses, turning smart data discovery into actionable information for everyone. It is based on the belief that we could harness the power of search-engine technology to build solutions for business intelligence, data warehousing, data integration and data entry that are both incredibly easy-to-use and highly responsive.CXAIR has been built specifically as a ‘next generation’ business analytics tool. The product utilises the raw power of search technology in order to retrieve and configure data for querying and reporting purposes.

The product has been designed around three core principles: SPEED, FLEXIBILITY and USABILITY.

CXAIR allows everybody to engage with business analytics, not just analysts. Reporting, ad-hoc analysis and the creation of dashboards becomes as easy and as straightforward as searching the internet, allowing people to make the right decisions at the right time.

A key challenge within modern businesses today is the vast amount of data contained in multiple (and often unconnected) data stores and systems.

Whether you have implemented a data warehouse or you are trying to join up the data manually, CXAIR provides an extremely simple and user-friendly method of bringing data together into a single, coherent search engine that can then be used to provide consolidated reporting and analysis, all from a single point of access.