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CBizS HR, Payroll & Time Attendance Software System

" An Easy to Use, Simple and Flexible HR & Payroll Software System - Automating HR and Payroll Processes"
Payroll Software, Dubai
Payroll Solutions Dubai Payroll Solutions Dubai
Payroll Software, Dubai

Seeking Solutions and Systems to Problems in HR / Payroll ?

Is your company growing and are your payroll systems growing more complex?

Payroll compilation a nightmare each month?

Difficult to compile HR and Payroll Reports?

Excess payments or Less Paid situations in payroll?

Leave day calculations gone wrong?

Wrong calculations of Leave Salary or Gratuity?

Multiple Excel Sheets?

Real Payroll concerns!

Would you not like a simple yet flexible Payroll System to "click" on and put all those worries to rest??

CBizS HR / Payroll Software System will solve your HR / Payroll issues.

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CBizS HR, Payroll & Time Attendance System We offer customised software systems,    customised Payroll Software, HRMS, Time Attendance Solutions, Biometric Systems, Personnel Systems, Payroll Outsourcing, Employee Profile, HR software, Payroll Program, in Dubai, UAE CoreBiz delivers customised software systems, IT Consultancy, Software Consultancy, Data Center Management, Fleet Management Systems, E-Procurement/Purchase/Purchasing Systems. We are based in Duba Media City, Dubai UAE

CBizS HR, Payroll Software & Time Attendance System - A Flexible and Scalable System

The world of HR, Payroll and Time Attendance demands attention to detail, flexible reporting, and consistent results. In short, businesses require a HR / Payroll Solution - that can best be delivered by CoreBiz Technology Solutions. CBizS HR / Payroll System is more than just a software solution. It is tailor made to meet the needs of the Middle East's specific requirements. CBizS HR Payroll Management System (HRMS) is an easy to use, single / multi user system, scalable, flexible and simple to operate. Developed on .Net Technology this HR Payroll System is robust and in line with current technology trends.

Whether you are looking a fully integrated or stand-alone payroll software, human resources software (HRMS) or time & attendance system our solutions will work for you, all this combined with a team eagerly awaiting to support you at all times.

Human Resources - HR System
Payroll System
Time & Attendance System
CBizS Human Resources is a great advantage to a busy HR Department. The HR system automates your HR function and ensures organizational compliance with internal HR policies. Extensive employee information is available at your fingertips with our human resource (HRMS) software system through employee profiles which aids in protecting your company's most valuable asset - your people! CBizS Payroll gives companies ownership of the in house payroll process, serving as a comprehensive accounting software solution for today's demanding world of payroll. CBiz Payroll program system reduces payroll processing costs, ensures accuracy and increases efficiency. Imagine cumbersome calculations, checking and still not being confident - Reap the cost savings and gain control of processing payroll with the CBizS Payroll Software. CoreBiz provides Time & Attendance solutions and is at the forefront in offering customers a robust employee monitoring and time-tracking solution. From the selection of time attendance machines, to the implementation of software, CoreBiz Solutions can help your company map out a total time and attendance solution. This can be integrated with the CBizS Payroll System and thus avoid complicated Payroll Calculations
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About Us
"Your HR, Payroll and Time Attendance Software System Provider"

CoreBiz Technology Solutions FZ LLC is based in Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE. We offer scalable and robust HR Payroll Software Systems and unparalleled support and service with experienced HR / Payroll Consultants - based in Dubai– that attend to customer needs promptly. The HR / Payroll System can act as a stand alone solution or be integrated to any standard back end system. We are an HR technology firm providing HR & Payroll systems and focused software customization and development towards benefits administration, employee and manager self-service needs.

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HR SOFTWARE SYSTEM (HRMS) - Simple, Flexible, Robust

The CbizS HR System - HR Professional- covers the entire spectrum of HR functions with HR modules covering Personnel, Training, Recruitment, Succession Planning, e-HR and Payroll. These modular systems can be integrated with the CoreBiz Payroll and Time Attendance System to form a fully integrated solution or used independently. CoreBiz "on-demand" HR software solution helps automate your time consuming personnel related processes; from employee's submitting HR changes to exporting data into your payroll system. This helps organizations eliminate the paperwork and manual processes associated with HR information changes.

Human Resources - HR Software: Real Value!!
When committing significant finance to new human resources software you should expect your HR software to add real value to your operation. The human resources software system (HRMS) you choose should come with the committed support of a customer support desk. We will assist you in delivering that!!!

Human Resources -HR System: Making a Difference to HR !!
CoreBiz developed the HR system (HRMS) to satisfy key HR needs. With the ever increasing documents and data handled by the HR Department - automation is key to smoother operations. With an ever-growing reputation, we pride ourselves on delivering human resources software products that are simple to use, are rich in required functionality and have powerful reporting facilities. Through our highly advanced HR software system, we aim to address all the major issues facing HR departments today. The CbizS HR System maximizes the true potential of your staff by making a real difference in driving your business forward. We provide you with HR software that allows easy access to employee information, facilitates decision making, records feedback and allows vital time for planning. This Human Resources (HR) Software can really make a "difference".

Human Resources- HR Management System (HRMS) : Quick Integration and Implementation!!
The CBizS HR System (HRMS) is Modular and hence easily implemented. A seamless integration between the HR, Payroll and Accounting System can ensure that the entire "Personnel" process meets key organizational objectives. With a policy of investing in the continuous development and improvement of our human resources software, our customers know that they will always have access to the latest features and facilities with regular version updates.

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CoreBiz HR/ Payroll Software is a full feature payroll system with capabilities that greatly exceed the features and capabilities that are available in other payroll systems. It is designed for the Middle East. Our product is used in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the MENA region. This Key Module is just one of a series of software solutions from CoreBiz, encompassing recruitment, personnel records management, payroll, training administration, succession planning and e-HR. All our modules operate either standalone, or as part of a fully integrated solution. With this software all your issues about leave days, benefits, allowances, payroll calculations, Over Time calculations, End of Service Benefit Calculations Approvals etc are solved!

Employee Master File -The multiple location payroll processing system features a comprehensive Employee Master File to handle almost any payroll processing requirement. A comprehensive history of pays, deductions, and time off, is maintained for every employee for as long as the employee has been paid through the HR / Payroll System. You can choose from several different methods of easy employee payroll setups to enter data into the system to accommodate any payroll situation. The system's multiple location payroll processing features can handle the needs of any business. The system's payroll reporting features provide many standard payroll reports as well as allow for custom reports to meet any payroll reporting need. Finally, CoreBiz's HR/ Payroll Software is easily interfaced to all of the other software applications your company uses, to ensure that your company achieves the maximum possible benefit from the system.

Quick Employee Setup Wizard - New employees can be easily setup and be ready to be paid. Additional HR related information, when available, can be added to the master file with our easy employee payroll set up system.

Employee lookups - Use selected fields from the master file to create a preset employee lookup. For example, create a list of all employees in the sales department. Use this lookup in the master file as well as during payroll input.

Employee notes - Enter or import notes pertaining to an employee. From pre-hire information, to reviews, and supervisor's comments, notes can easily be stored, retrieved and viewed or printed as required.

Payroll Deductions - Deductions are calculated automatically according to plan specifications, including waiting periods, and you can set up different rate tables based on age or coverage.

Payment history - View employee payment history for past periods. See totals for each pay, deductions etc by month, quarter and year-to-date for multiple years.

Payroll Data Input: Import data from a time and attendance system - CoreBiz HR/ Payroll can accept payroll input from any time clock or time keeping system.

Payroll Audit Report - An audit report is generated upon the completion of payroll data entry.

Payroll Processing: Process payroll on your schedule - Since you control the payroll process, you process payroll at any time at your convenience. You can process multiple payroll frequencies and process payrolls from multiple locations.

Payroll Information: Employee Information System, Attendance and Leave Management , Earning & Deductions , Loan Accounting System, Investments, Payroll Processing, Reporting & Analysis, Security and Administration, Employee Information System etc. Simplifying HR procedures as well.

Personal Information: Family Information, Qualifications, Experience, Health Information, Bank Account, Company Information , Leave Eligibility, Salary Details etc .Simplifying HR procedures as well.

Payroll Earning & Deductions: Earning Types - Regular (e.g. Basic, Conveyance, HRA etc.), Ad hoc (e.g. Bonus, Performance Incentives etc.), Earning Definition - Grade-wise or Employee-wise - Fixed Value or Formula based - Monthly or Yearly, Accumulation. Simplifying HR procedures as well.

Loans and Advances
: Employee Loan Types, Employee Loan Eligibility, Employee Loan Management, Employee Loan Application, Balance Tracking, Recovery Simplification. Simplifying HR procedures as well.

Payroll Reports: Payslip, Attendance Register, Department-wise Salary, Employee-wise Salary, Salary Disbursement, Loan Letter, PF Contributions etc. Simplifying HR procedures as well.


Perform payroll budgeting, including salary and benefits, on a per-employee basis. Carry out sensitivity and what if analysis on employee and payroll costs. The CBizS HR Payroll System includes a Budget Module that facilitates HR and Payroll Management staff to carry out various budgeting options related to employee costs based on actual costs. This module is simple and easy to operate and is so very beneficial reducing cumbersome budgeting procedures to generate reports at the click of a button. The Payroll Budget Module is a true Planning and Analysis facilitator.

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CoreBiz, provides time / attendance solutions and systems for mid size to large enterprise organizations in nearly every industry. We have assisted in enhancing the performance of employees, managers, and overall operations. CoreBiz time and attendance software reduces the amount of time needed to prepare time sheets for payroll, improves workforce management, minimizes errors, and helps track and manage lab our and lab our expenses.

We provide Employee ID Card Printers, Time Attendance Readers, Access Control and Wireless Security Solutions, Plastic PVC ID card printer, Biometric Devices, Time attendance solutions, Finger Print Scanners / Readers / Sensors, Wireless Terminals, Fingerprint Stand Alone System, Time Keeper, Time Keeper with Payroll, Magnetic & Barcode cards and related products.

Its imperative for any company to keep track of employee's activities in order to ensure for general HR Objectives, discipline and compensation purposes. One approach is tracking of daily attendance for all employees. Today we have Card Reader machines where the employees insert/swipe the card in Card Reader machines to record their movements; this is done on entering and leaving the office/work premises.

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CoreBiz has a range of expertise in software development and software consultancy - the CBizS HR Payroll System has been conceived keeping in mind both a busy HR / Payroll department and a growing company. It is an easy to use, flexible and simple HR Payroll Software and can be integrated with an Time Attendance System or Financial System. Call us and we could be have the system up and running in a few days.

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Payroll Software, Dubai
HR Software System Dubai (HRMS) UAE Payroll Software System Dubai UAE HR Payroll Software Program (HRMS) Dubai Time Attendance System Dubai Payroll Budgeting Software Dubai
Payroll Software, Dubai

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